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iteraplan Further Development

iteraplan has been continually refined and enhanced by iteratec since 2004:
  • Open Source since early 2008 (Community Edition)
  • Two releases per year, regular fixes and previews
  • Community-driven development through feedback from our customers and users of the Community Edition
  • Central Demand Management to balance strategic & operational development via focal themes


Following focal themes guide the implementations in future releases of iteraplan:

  • Strategic IT planning
  • Business domain models
  • Governance views

Your requests

We are looking forward to adding your feedback and ideas to our central demand management. There are different ways how we deal with a specific request to iteraplan:
  • Inclusion in release planning
    If your request can be considered simple & effective - the concept of iteraplan - it will be included in our release planning. This does not imply any costs for the requester. The point in time when a request gets implemented is determined by iteratec, and please bear in mind that we can't guarantee implementation.
  • Development Alliances
    In case the realisation of a topic is of strategic importance and high value for you, we offer to establish a development alliance to drive its implementation. Development alliances consist of several interested customers who share costs for implementation, integration, release and documentation. They will be moderated by iteratec and are responsible for identifying a best practice solution, deciding on concrete features and acceptance of the implementation in iteraplan.
  • Further development by the customer
    On the basis of the iteraplan Community Edition and taking into account the CLA, customers are free to participate in the further development of the software. After being tested by iteratec, these developments might become part of our official releases.

To find out more about the further development of iteraplan or to supply requests and ideas please contact our demand management using the contact form.